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Products > Water Treatment Equipment > > Brackish Water Desalination
Brackish Water Desalination
Product name : Brackish Water Desalination
Product No. : Brackish Water Desalination
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LM-BW Series provides a full-featured,affordable solution for brackish water desalination/water purification.This series is available with capacities ranging from 500L/H to 30000L/H and suitable for application in brackish water areas and for other general water purification purposes.

First class Denmark (Grundfos) high pressure pump of corrosion-resistant, ultra reliable, high performance.

Made in U.S (Dow) supreme quality Reverse Osmosis membranes for superior desalination rate, durability and efficiency.

Premium pre-filtration system to remove impurities from feed water before the Reverse Osmosis process to extend the service life of Reverse Osmosis membranes.

Accurate real-time monitoring of the systems working pressures by top-graded meters. Real-time TDS water quality monitoring with digital display.

Flush system for easy cleaning or sterilization of the system and the Reverse Osmosis membranes to enhance the maintenance of the system as well as the equipments service life. 

Available with programmable logic controller (PLC) for fully automatic control. Water levels and over-pressure warning alarms with light and sound warning signals together with automatic shutdown protection to ensure the system is operating safely and properly.

With premium stainless steel or heavy duty corrosion-resistant steel and anti-corrosion coated framework, the system is able to operate durably and stably.

Fresh water disinfected by UV sterilizer to ensure the product water is safe and reliable.

Easy to install with highest standards for safety, maintainability and reliability.
one-year product warranty.

Dual Alternating Ion Exchange Softener with Stainless Steel Jacket, Bypass and Brine Tank 

Sand Filter with Timer Valve Stainless Steel Jacket and Bypass 

Multimedia Carbon Filter with Timer Valve Stainless Steel Jacket and Bypass 

20" Big Blue Sediment Pre-Filter 

High Flow 316 Stainless Steel Supply Pump 

High Pressure Stainless Steel Cat Piston Pump 

High Flow 316 Stainless Steel Smart on-demand Delivery Pump 

Auto Fresh Water Flush Pump

Brackish Well Water Membrane Elements 

High Pressure Vessels 

Stainless Steel Inlet Solenoid Valve 

Six Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges 

System Pressure Control Valve 

Waste Water Recycle Valve

Product Water Flow Meter 

Waste Water Flow Meter 

Water Quality TDS Monitor 

System Auto-Flush to maintain elements 

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for all Four Pumps 

Powder Coated Aluminum Welded Frame with Aluminum Diamond Plate Base 

Skid Built on Wheels for Easy Service 


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